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Why Does My Mattress Squeak?-And why You Shouldn’t Avoid It

It is nearly impossible to get a peaceful sleep with a squeaking mattress. You may find it pretty irritating to have any odd noise coming from your mattress. You may want to know, “Why does my mattress squeak when I move?”

The reason behind the squeaky noise is most likely the worn-out spring of the spring mattresses. If you are using a hybrid mattress or innerspring mattress, there is a possibility that your mattress’ spring bed has worn out over time. 

Besides, there are many more relevant issues that you might want to know. Please keep reading to learn the ins and outs of mattress squeaking

What are the reasons behind your noisy bed?

Did you ever think, “Why does my bed squeak when I move?” You will be surprised to know that it is a rare case when you are getting noises coming from your bed due to your mattress. In sum, a squeaky bed does not refer to a squeaky mattress, and the mattress is just a part of your whole bed setting. 

So, let’s find out the reasons behind your bed squeak.

  • Worn out bed frame
  • Lousy mattress 
  • Loose Joint of bed frame

Worn out bed frame 

The bed frame is a vital part of your bedding. It is necessary to change the bed frame when it is old. Wooden bed frames are beautiful to use. It brings a soothing pleasure to your room. But, the wooden bed frame can decay due to using it regularly. 

Apart from the wooden frame, people also like to use metal frames in the bed as it strengthens the beddings and can take heavy weight easily. If you do use a metal bed frame, they get rusted due to coming into contact with excess humidity. In the end, it creates sounds when you move. So, you can replace the bed frame when it is not suitable anymore. 

Lousy mattress 

Your regular beds don’t usually make noises. But, the innerspring beds or hybrid beds really can cause the squeaking sound. Your mattress’s spring loses its springiness, and it doesn’t work the way it should. That’s the time when you lose your peace of sleep. 

Moreover, a squeaky box spring can really be your headache. The structure of a box spring bed does have springs. Make sure to check them very well and get rid of your noisy mattress.  

Loose Joints of bed frame

Did you check the joints of your bed frame? Probably, you just need to tighten the screw of a bolt of the joints. You will not need to replace the whole mattress or bed. 

After using the bed for a certain period, the joints get loosened. Ignoring it for a long time is not a good idea. Your sleep interruption can be a great health concern. Therefore, try to find out if there are any loose joints on the bed frame. 

Why does your mattress Squeak?

Generally, a memory foam mattress or air bed will not cause noise. If you see that, there are no issues with your bed frames or box spring, and it can be the lousy springs of your bed. A hybrid bed or innerspring bed does have bed spring settings on it. 

Over time, the spring loses its springiness. It also happens that rust occurs on them or a few of the springs have broken. Consequently, you get to hear the squeaky noises. 

How to Fix A Squeaky Mattress?

Sleep is a kind of medicine to heal your body. When a sleeping person awakens due to sudden sounds from his bed, it can hamper his health immensely. And so it is a serious problem to have a squeaky bed. 

You need to fix your squeaky mattress as soon as possible. So, I have come up with possible solutions for you. You need to fix your squeaky mattress as soon as possible. So, I have come up with possible solutions for you. 

You can reposition your mattress first. It often happens that just positioning the bed in the wrong way is causing squeaks when you move. Or, you can use plywood under your mattress to make it more of a standstill in its place. 

The above solutions are best when your mattress doesn’t have any issues with the springs. But, if your spring mattress is squeaking due to the lousy springs, you need to replace your old mattress with a new one to get rid of the unexpected noises.  

Because you know that, the springs of your mattress can not be repaired, unlike other issues. 

Final Verdict

I know the squeaking noise is quite irritating. After a tiring day, you need a sound sleep badly. This is why you need to know the main reasons for a squeaking bed to fix the problems. 

When just the spring mattress is the problem, you rarely have any alternative solution for it. Replacing the mattress becomes just the only solution to your biggest problem. 

You can also try to buy other types of beds instead of innerspring mattresses such as foam mattresses or latex mattresses

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are Ottoman Beds Noisy? 

Answer: You know that an Ottoman bed has a unique system of lifting up to reveal its space of storage. Hence, it is very common to think of it as a squeaking bed. But, Mattress manufacturers designed it in such a way that it doesn’t cause any creaking sound.

  • Should a new mattress squeak? 

Answer: In short, a new mattress should not squeak. Even if it is a spring mattress. But If you have got a bad spring mattress, Probably, it is a manufacturing defect of your squeaking bed 

Thus, check out the mattress review of the bed, when you are going to buy a new spring mattress. 

  • How to fix my squeaky bed? 

Answer: I hope you have read out the reasons behind a wooden frame or metal frame bed. First, try to find out the exact issues. Then go with the solution. For example, try to rotate the bed, or repair it with the help of a professional. Besides, you can tighten the loose joints of the bed frame. 

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