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Why Does My Mattress Make Noise When I Move? How to Fix it

Why does my mattress make noise when I move? How to fix my squeaky bed

After a stressful day, we all need a sound sleep. But every day, a squeaky bed is a matter of deep sleep. Noise from the bed keeps us turning. To solve this problem, first, get an answer to why my mattress makes noise when I move.

However, do not be frustrated because most problems have a solution. It is possible to get rid of squeaky mattresses. So, stick to us to know how to fix a noisy mattress.

Why does my mattress make noise?

 Before solving any problem, the first step is to find out the cause. So, first, try to learn why your mattress makes noise.

However, over time use gradually results in noisy beds. But the squeaking can not only come from your mattress but also can come from the bed frame, and bed springs.

Bed Frame

A bed frame can make noise. In most cases, it is the main factor for irritating squeaking beds. However, the cause is that sometimes the bolt and nuts of the frame get loosened. So, it is important to tighten them to avoid metals fictions. 

In the case of a wooden frame, it can be affected by the weather condition. If the temperature is more, it can increase the size of the wood a little bit and causes sound. 

The slats of the wooden frame are independent and rub against the mainframe and produce disturbing sound. 

Box Springs

Another cause of squeaky beds in the box springs. Box springs are used for bouncing effects and support the mattress. After a long time of use, this part gets older and weaker. So, this can easily create louder noise when you move on the bed.

So, if you find that your mattress is good, but the box spring gets older, change the spring. To check this, first, remove the mattress from the bed and check the box spring.


Many people are searching for the answer to why my mattress makes noise when I move? Foundations can cause it. Foundations are made of wooden slats.

After a long time of use, they get loose and make noise. Gradually, the connections get unsecured and provide squeaky sounds.

How to fix my squeaky bed

Fixing the noise of your bed is not a hard job. At first, the most important step is finding the correct cause of the noise. Then you can find out the solution. Follow our guidelines and solve the problem of squeaky mattresses or beds.

Identify the cause

First, figure out the actual part from where the problem occurs. We discuss the main sources that can cause noise when you move on your bed.

However, separate all sections of your bed. You can start the process from the mattress. If your mattress is all-foam type, it may not be responsible for squeaking. If it is not, then you can check the mattress.

Keep the mattress on the room floor. Then roll it gently or tell your kids to walk over it. If you hear a noise, then think the culprit is your mattress.

Though it is a rare cause, some hybrid and some innerspring mattresses bring this problem after a long use time.

But, honestly, noisy mattresses have no solution. Some may be told you rotate the mattress, but it is not effective to solve the issue. If you have a warranty, you can exchange the mattress for a new one from the mattress manufacturer.

If you find that your mattress is okay, then check the box spring. This part comes with metal coils and can make noise. But the right solution is to purchase a new box spring.

If the bed frame makes a sound, there are some ways to solve it.

Fixing squeaking mattress

If you find that the mattress is squeaky, the following steps are for you. It will help you to make the mattress silent. But keep in mind that, in most cases, you need to change the mattress.

Rotating the mattress

Though a squeaky mattress often shows you that it is the best time to replace it with a new one, sometimes it is possible to make it silent. For this, rotate the mattress like car tires. It turns the mattress periodically and ensures a balanced filling.

It is better to rotate the mattress every three months though it is not squeaking. If you find noise under your sleeping place, rotating will help you to minimize the noise.

Use a cushion or plywood.

If you do not find the mattress rotation effective, you can place some thin plywood under the mattress. If your mattress is box spring type, it will be most effective to minimize the noise quickly.

Take new mattress

A mattress that squeaks is irritating and disturbing for a sound sleep. You can replace the mattress when you cannot solve the issue and choose the best mattress.

For this, you must learn and consider hybrid mattresses vs. memory foam mattresses to avoid noise problems. Besides, a real mattress review can help you to choose the best one.

Fixing bed frame or box spring

If the issue is not for a mattress, it will be easier to fix the squeaky bed frame. Follow our helpful tips and fix the problem without taking the help of others.

Tighten the joints

Most of the bed frames contain screws and nuts to hold them together. After a long time of use, the joints can get loosen. And thus your bed makes noise with every movement of you on it. 

To solve this problem, tighten the joints. For this, you need a wrench, or you can use a screwdriver. Besides, it is good to use plastic washers to fit them properly and prevent metal-on-metal friction. 

After doing this work, check the bed, and if you find noises again, follow the next step. 

Lubricate joints

After tightening the metal bolts and screws, apply lubricants. You can use WD-40 in the joint areas. It is effective to reduce noise. After lubricating, if you find sound again, follow the next step.

Cushion the slats

Metal or Wooden Slats and frames together make noise. It is a common cause of squeaky beds. You can take old towels or socks or other clothes to make the slats quiet. Put them between slats and the bed frame. They will work as a cushion and reduce noise.

Use some oil in the frame.

For the metal frames, you can use WD-40 to apply them to the joints. For the wooden frames, you can use beeswax as an alternative to oil.

Use floor padding

If you fail to find any specific culprit for your mattress noise, you can follow this step. Your flood can also cause a squeaky bed. Yes, it is true. If the floor is not smooth and the bed is imbalanced, the sound is common.

Use old clothes as padding for the bed legs.

Buy a bed frame

If you find all the steps are ineffective in solving the problem, there is no way to change the bed frame. Take a durable, well-made, and versatile wooden bed frame that can end up with the problem of a squeaky bed.


Now it is clear to you why your mattress makes a squeaky noise when you move on the bed. We also discuss all possible solutions for your squeaky mattress. So, follow them to solve this unwanted problem and have a sound sleep. 

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