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Why does my Intex air mattress keep Deflating? How to stop the deflation?

Are you facing a problem? Why does my Intex air mattress keep deflating? Nowadays, People love to use air beds instead of using regular mattresses as it is lightweight and easily portable. Besides, you can have a great sleep on an air mattress. Among other airbeds, the Intex air mattress is very popular. 

You can inflate it anytime to have a sound sleep. But, many people love to sleep on an air-tight bed. They don’t like a slightly deflated bed. So, this has been a matter of bothering them that their Intex air mattress keeps deflating. 

Why does it happen? 

Your inflatable mattress can deflate for overinflating or being overweight on it. There are many more reasons that can make your mattress deflate. 

So let’s get to know together all the relevant facts and terms of this problem.

Why does my Intex air mattress keep Deflating

You must have noticed that the Air mattress keeps deflating, but no holes can be seen. Stop wondering why. It is not a very serious matter. Deflation of a mattress does not mean it has holes or a problem. 

Let’s consider all the probabilities. 

  • Faulty Air Valve
  • Over inflating the mattress
  • Folding up in a wrong way
  • Using overweight on the airbed
  • Cold temperatures
  • unseen leaks

Faulty Air Valve

Your Intex bed does have an opening valve or air valve for sure. It loses its firmness due to everyday use and causes air loss through it. If your bed is losing air beyond the natural limitations, check the valve if there is a leak. 

Over inflating the mattress

Try not to inflate the air bed too much. It can cause damage and result in deflating. Try to follow the guidelines from manufacturers to blow the mattress up. 

Folding up in a wrong way

Since the air bed is a portable bed, It is natural to keep it in storage when you do not need the mattress. Because of folding the mattress improperly, create some tiny holes which may deflate the air bed later.

Using overweight on the airbed

Excess is a bed for anything. It is the same case with your Intex air beds. When you put excessive air pressure or heavy load in a little space, your bed loses air to balance. 

Cold temperatures

Cold tempers make changes in your air bed. At night, the temperatures fall down. So, your airbed keeps deflating overnight. It is a natural thing. So, do not worry about it too much. 

Unseen leaks

Many times it happens that an air mattress deflating problem occurs due to an air mattress leak. If the hole or leak is too tiny to be seen, you might not find the leak. It is necessary to check the air bed properly. 

why is my air mattress deflating all of a sudden

You should know about this option.

How do I stop my air mattress from deflating?

Does your air mattress keep deflating? As I said before, it is a pervasive thing to happen. But the good thing is that it has a few solutions.

Are you wondering how to stop your air bed from deflating? Here I’ve got the answer to you with proper explanations. 

Control the room temperature

First, you must know that you can not permanently prevent the air from losing your mattress. If any mattress is designed in such a way that it won’t lose any air, it can be damaged too soon. 

So, what you can actually do is reduce the unnecessary losses of air from your air bed. To do so, keep your room temperature at a moderate level. Not too much heat and coldness can slow down the deflating process.

Don’t put Overweight on the bed

Moreover, get to know the capacity of your air bed. If you don’t know it properly, you can find it in the user manual or ask a professional. Try to put less pressure according to the holding capacity of the air bed. 

Besides, try not to sit on the edge. Sitting on the edge can create imbalanced pressure on the air mattress. So, avoid it. This is really an excellent way to stop inflating your Intex air bed. 

Pick the best airbed

You can get an Intex air mattress of the best quality. The best mattress will not deflate easily. You may wonder how I will get a non-leaky air mattress? To do so, just check the Intex air mattress review. You will be able to know which one is the best air mattress.

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Prevent leakage

In the end, take necessary measures to prevent leakage by reducing the deflating problem of the air bed. For example, keep your minor children and pets away from stretching it with a sharp object. Apart from this, when you are folding it up for keeping it in the storage, do it adequately. Because storing it in an improper way can make very tiny leakages. 

By following the above steps, you can stop your air mattress from deflating too soon. I know it is troublesome to inflate it repeatedly. So, keep the mentioned things in mind to maintain the air beds.

Vinal Verdict:

I hope, by now, you are aware of the reasons why your Intex air mattress keeps deflating. It is possible that your air bed has a very thin leak, or perhaps it is just the basic reasons like how are you using the air bed. 

Please go for the solution that I have mentioned. I believe today’s article can reduce your worries about the air deflating problems. Here we leave you today. Adios!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I sleep on an air mattress every night?

Answer: People mostly prefer air mattresses for camping at night.  But it doesn’t mean that the air mattress is only useful for night camping.  You can easily use it for your home and sleep there every night. It will not cause any hamper for your spin. The air bed is absolutely suitable for sleeping every night. 

How long does an Intex air mattress last?

Answer: You can easily use your Intex air bed for 10 to 15 years. The Intex manufacturers have always maintained their quality. So, the durability of an Intex matter is excellent. But if you use the inflatable bed the wrong way. Perhaps, your air bed will not last for very long. 

What is the average price of an Intex air mattress? 

Answer: The price of a mattress is always controlled by various factors like quality, size, thickness, and included features. When you buy an airbed with an air pump or electric pump, the price may go up. If you purchase an Intex air mattress of queen size, it may cost around 45 to 80 USD. Similarly, its price will vary according to its other dimensions.

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