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Why Did Sleepy’s Become Mattress Firm? Learn About The New Bedfellows!

Many of you are wondering why did Sleepy’s become Mattress Firm and what happened to Sleepys. With this article, you can now learn many facts and information about them.

Sleepy’s started its journey with one store back in 1931. Four generations later, it thrived in the Northeast areas with more than 1,000 stores. With its growing popularity, Mattress Firm took ownership of Sleepys. Later, Mattress Firm started its journey together with Sleepys. 

In December 2015, Sleepy’s joined Mattress Firm and in January 2017, it was rebranded. Mattress Firm has now become nationwide popular with more than 3,000 stores.

Sleepy’s Mattress Express

Sleepy’s, known as Bedding Discount Centers, started its journey in February 1931. It was a mattress retailer, primarily situated in the Northeastern United States. The company started with one store and later opened more than 1,000 stores.

Louis Acker opened Sleepy’s first store in Brooklyn, New York. It became very popular because of its finest materials and good quality products. Their mattresses’ elements had no toxic chemicals. They are very natural and provide a non-polluting environment.

With a wide range of options, Sleepy’s customers had great experiences because of its service. Their mattresses lasted for many years and provided their customers with great comfort.


  • A wider range of selection
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Standard quality mattresses
  • Provides eco-friendly environment
  • Great durability and service
  • Reliable

Mattress Firm Inc.

Mattress Firm is an American mattress store. It is one of the most engaging one-stop local stores nationwide. This famous mattress retailer went bankrupt in the year 2018. It emerged from its bankruptcy after great effort and work.

Mattress Firm is now growing fast with over 3,000 stores. Along with Sleepy’s, they have also acquired Mattress Pro. They took ownership of The Sleep Train Inc. for 425 million dollars. Mattress Firm also owns Sleep Country USA, Sleep America, and Mattress Barn.  

Mattresses from Mattress Firm provide their customers with great comfort and service. They also come with amazing durability that will last for a very long time. 


  • Variety of collections
  • A wider range of options
  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Exceptional durability
  • Natural, non-toxic materials
  • Budget-friendly

Sleepy’s Acquisition By Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm is now operating Sleepy’s (The Bedding Discount Centers,1931). It opened its 1,000th store in 2015. In December 2015, Mattress Firm acquired ownership and started its journey with Sleepys.

Because of Sleepy’s wider range of selection, Mattress Firm took ownership for 780 million dollars. Mattress Firm rebranded Sleepy’s stores in January 2017. Besides that, it uses an online e-tailer website under Sleepy’s name for its e-commerce service. They also use their private label mattresses under Sleepys.

The collaboration has made Mattress Firm one of the most successful mattress retailers. Sleepy’s and Mattress Firm have now become the new bedfellows. They are also providing their customers with great service. 

The New Bedfellows: Advantages And Drawbacks

Sleepy joined Mattress Firm in the year 2015. Sleepy’s and Mattress Firm are the new bedfellows that have many advantages.

Here, you can learn about the new advantages these bedfellows have stored for you!

  1. One-Stop Local Shop:

Mattress Firm has now become one of the most engaging one-stop local shops across the world. They will provide you with the best sleeping products and bedding for a good night’s sleep.

  1. Online E-tailer Website:

Mattress Firm also has an online retailer website under the name Sleepys. With this, they have now expanded more into the online space. You can now get your products from their easy-to-use online website.

  1. Wider Selection:

With them, you now have a wider selection of mattresses and other sleeping products. With Sleepy’s, Mattress Firm has brought to you a variety of its collections. You will have many options to select the best one for you.

  1. Better Quality Than Before:

With Sleepy’s, Mattress Firm will now provide you with better quality than before. Their firm mattresses come with exceptional durability that will last many years.

  1. Non-toxic Materials:

Sleepy’s and Mattress Firm’s mattresses have natural non-toxic materials. They have high-quality elements with no toxic chemicals. These mattresses have organic elements like cotton, latex, and wool.

  1. Reasonable Price:

You can also get mattresses at a very reasonable price. With Sleepy’s, Mattress Firm now provides you with more personal service. It also has a wider range for you to choose the best one for you.

With its many advantages, there are also some disagreements. Some drawbacks of the new bedfellows can be-

  • Lower back pain
  • Misalignment of the spine because of extra firmness
  • Difficulty with remembering the new names and brands

Final Verdict

If you have read our article this far, you have almost learned everything about the new bedfellows and why did Sleepy’s become Mattress Firm. You should also know Why does my mattress make noise when I move?

Mattress Firm has also acquired many other mattress retailers and local stores. Sleepy’s started its journey alone and thrived in the northeast areas for many years. Later in 2015, Mattress Firm rebranded Sleepy’s and continued the journey across the US. 

By joining the two mattress retailers, Mattress Firm has now become one of the most renowned mattress retailers in the world. Their mattresses have the finest materials and come with exceptional durability. It will provide you with the utmost comfort and relief.

You should know

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Did Sleepy’s change their name to Mattress Firm?

Ans: Mattress Firm owned Sleepy’s stores back in December 2015. They rebranded Sleepy’s stores under their name in January 2017. Mattress Firm uses Sleepy’s name for an online e-tailer website. They also use the name for their private label mattresses.

  1. Does Mattress Firm provide better mattresses? 

Ans: Mattress Firm is one of the most successful mattress providers in the United States. They have high-quality materials for their mattresses. Compared with other mattress retailers, their mattresses are more reliable and better.

  1. Did Sleepy’s mattresses have toxic, harmful materials?

Ans: Sleepy’s mattresses have natural, non-toxic materials. Elements of these mattresses come from cotton, latex, or wool. They are biodegradable and free from toxic chemicals. Their mattresses have good quality and durability.

  1. When did Sleepy’s become Mattress Firm?

Ans:  Mattress Firm acquired ownership from Sleepys in 2015. They rebranded Sleepy’s under their name in 2017. In 2018, they provided an online retailer website under Sleepy’s name. They have owned many other mattress retailers and local stores.

  1. What are the major drawbacks of a Mattress Firm’s mattress?

Ans: Mattress Firm’s mattresses have a firmer surface. It will help you absorb the pressures of your bones. There is less strain on the muscles. Yet, some firm mattresses of Mattress Firm can cause misalignment to the spine. These mattresses can also cause lower back pain sometimes.

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