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Who makes the best mattress topper for back pain?


It is always essential to pick the best mattress for sound sleep. It becomes one of the ultimate dreams when you have lower or upper back pain.

Your existing mattress does need to support your spin perfectly. Otherwise, It is better to switch it to another mattress topper or mattress pad which is good for your proper sleep.

Now, here arises a question: who makes the best mattress topper for back pain that would reduce your back pain, according to any mattress advisor.

After researching a lot, I have found some companies or manufacturers that manufacture pain-reducible mattress toppers such as Amerisleep, Ghostbeds, Viscosoft, etc. Explore many more about them. Maybe you will find the ideal one for yourself.

Who makes the best mattress topper for back pain?

Are you in search of the right mattress topper? Then you might take a look at the following mattress topper makers. Usually, doctors refer to buying any kind of firm mattress topper so that they can give good support to your back. The following manufacturers manufacture this kind of firm mattress topper. I believe you would like to have a look at them.


If you are looking for the best price mattress that will reduce the pressure points and also help to relieve your pain, you can go with any of the Viscosoft toppers. Their products are more reliable than others. 

ViscoSoft mattress toppers or mattress pads are basically manufactured in the USA.  They used top-quality materials in their mattress pad. Let me share with you one important thing also. Some people asked if the Viscosoft mattress uses toxic materials, as they get some gassy smells coming out from the gel bed. 

Don’t worry. It is just the material’s smell that is used in the gel-based mattress. Viscosoft does not use any harmful product in the mattress topper. 


The second mattress topper that is listed in my picks is Keetsa Company. These mattress toppers and mattress makers have achieved a lot of customer satisfaction. The toppers from this brand are pretty expensive. But it will surely be helpful for pain relief and pressure relief.

Keetsa usually produces their product in San Francisco. But they deliver their product almost all over the world. The gel memory foam topper and the hybrid mattress from their company are trendy. They are not too firm or not too soft. This is why I recommend this brand to people who have pain in their spins.


The Ghostbed company is famous for latex mattress toppers and mattress protectors. Their products are made with certified elements.

 It is an American-based company. There is an interesting story behind its brand name. The leading Company that controls this brand is ‘Nature’s Sleep’. It is a famous manufacturer in the USA. 

The Ghostbed always tries to run some promotional campaigns that make it easy to purchase on discounts. You can say that the Ghostbed memory foam topper is budget-friendly as well as of good quality. 


The most popular bed from the PlushBeds mattress is their Latex mattress. They come with medium firmness. Besides, you can also get gel-infused memory foam mattress toppers from this manufacturer. Thus, it is undoubtedly trendy and can relieve your back pain when you lie on it.

Most of their beds do have added breathability, and they are good stomach sleepers too. It doesn’t sink too much. In this way, it provides a flat surface to support your body. 

PlushBeds is basically one of the leading brands among online sellers. This company’s factory and headquarters are both located in America.


The Amerisleep foam mattress topper maker has a lot of good reviews from customers. The toppers made by this brand are really firm as well as soft. They also manufacture the latex foam topper which sinks a little that brings fantastic comfort to your back.

On the other hand, its firm layers give flat support to keep your body straight. If you are looking for one of the best mattress toppers, just go with it without any hesitation.

What kind of mattress do doctors recommend for back pain?

The doctor suggests buying a mattress that doesn’t sink too much when you lie down on it because your back needs the spinal alignment to feel no pressure on it.

If your existing mattress has a wool mattress topper, then it is better to replace it soon. The Wool mattress topper is usually not so good for your back with pain.

Moreover, they say that one should go with a firmer mattress if you have a not-so-wide hip. With a wider hip, it is better to sleep on a moderately firm mattress. Besides, keep in mind to take the latex toppers at least 3 inches thick.

The ideal types of materials for these kinds of mattresses are memory foam, latex, or hybrid types. So, you can buy a Memory foam Mattress topper, a Natural latex mattress topper, or a hybrid mattress topper for your bed. 

Final verdict

Now it is time to wrap up. I just want to say that there are a lot of manufacturers who make great types of mattress toppers. Still, few of them are ruling over. I just tried to come up with the best brand of mattress toppers to help you out in finding the best one. 

Frequently Asked Questions:  

What is the number one mattress for back pain?

Answer: The number one mattress for back pain must be latex. You can get it from any mattress manufacturer. The average price would be nearly 1200 to 1800 USD. 

Why does my memory foam mattress hurt my back?

Answer: Usually, a memory foam mattress is suitable for any person with back pain. If it still hurts your back or doesn’t help with your back pain, it may be caused when it loses its firmness due to everyday use. Or, perhaps you need a firmer bed. In this case, you can change your mattress and try the hybrid one or latex mattresses. 

Is a Pillow the best mattress topper for back pain?

Answer: We know that the best pillow mattress has layers and a cushion or mattress topper attached to the top of it. Whether a pillow top mattress is good for back pain or not depends on the type of material you are using. If the topper is made of latex or foam, it can give your back good support.

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