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What Size is a Futon Mattress-Expert Answer the Question 

You just need to fold it and place it anywhere when you are not sleeping.

Sleepovers have always loved the Japanese futon. Are you thinking about picking a futon for your room but are tensed that it might be too large or too small for you? What size is a futon Mattress – this is a common question we receive most often.

The interesting thing is that the traditional size of a futon is just the same size as a standard mattress. You need not worry about it anymore! Let’s explore more of it in the following. 

The size of The Futon Mattress

Thinking of buying a new futon bed? What size should you order?  Get all the answers here. Check out what sizes match your needs! 

As you know there are usually six types of regular-size mattresses available almost everywhere. Such as – Twin Size, Twin Xl, Full size, Full Xl, Queen Mattresses, California king bed, and Western King bed. 

Among them, one has space for one or two people. Another one might be good for two or three people.  It depends on their dimension. 

So, which one is your ideal one? To know the answer, keep reading. 

Twin Size Futon

If you are looking for a Futon bed for a single person, the twin-size Japanese futon can be your best option. The Width of the bed is 39 inches and the length is 75 inches. It is just perfect. 

People usually refer to it as a single bed. You might be wondering whether such a small bed would have the same softness. The answer is yes. 

Because the softness of the bed has nothing to do with size. It depends on how much cotton or filling has been used in your futon bed. In sum, it is the thickness that might affect it.  

Twin Xl Size Futon

As you can see, there is not much difference between the twin-size futon bed and the Twin xl futon. The twin xl one is only 4 inches long. 

In brief, the dimension of the twin Xl futon is 39″ x  79″.

Still, now, it makes a lot of sense to choose the twin xl for people of long Height. There would be enough space for moving too. 

You can change the bed position anytime, put it on the Almirah, and spread it when you need to sleep. As it is small in dimension, it gains less weight naturally. So, it is easier to carry and easier to pack.  

For a tiny room, the twin xl size single futon is a good bedding solution.  

Full-Size Futon 

A full-Size Futon is also known as a double-size bed. Two people can sleep on it having sufficient space. The width of the Full Futon traditional mattress is 54″ and the length is 75″.

Moreover, you can fold a futon bed and make it a sleeper sofa by following some simple techniques. 

Those people who keep changing their residence. Packing it is totally hassle-free. And You know already that the lightweight feature can beat any other type of mattress. 

The fun thing is that you can fold it and make a single bed too whenever you need it. And Enjoy sleeping on the super bouncy soft bed the whole night. 

Full Xl Futon Mattress 

The long-sized double bed is called the Full Xl size. It is the same as the regular bed size. The Full Xl is 4 inches longer than the Full-Size Futon. Therefore, this bed is suitable for taller people. 

The size of a full Xl futon is 54 inches x 79 inches. To get a good night’s sleep for your small family, you can go for the Full xl futon Mattress size. 

Queen Size Futon Bed

Queen Futon is quite popular nowadays. You can select the size for your little guest room.

One or two people can easily sleep over. Its comfortable surface can bring sound sleep to any person.

A queen-size futon mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. I will call it a perfect size as it is not too small or not too large. 

California King Futon Bed

You can know its dimension by the name of its size. The Cal king futon has sufficient space for two people with their children or pet. Its width is 72 inches and length is 84 inches. 

It is a little bit large for a guest room or small room. If you love to live in a larger living area, you would love it for sure. 

For a single person, the Cal King Futon mattress can be unnecessarily large. 

Western King Size Futon Mattress 

The dimension of a western King Futon mattress is 76 inches x  80 inches. As you can see, it has a great space for three people. 

Three to four people can sleep if they want. During the daytime, you can fold it up and move it according to your needs. You do not need to keep a large size bed in the room for your small family of 4 members. This portable futon bed is a perfect choice in all ways. 

Wrap Up

By now, you must have known about the size diversity of a futon mattress. They are universally accepted sizes. Pick one as per your need. It will fit with your bed size or flooring. 

If you still want to make a smaller futon bed or larger bed, you can make a custom-size bed on order according to your preferences. Mattress manufacturers will give it the shape of your wish. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do regular sheets fit a futon?

Answer: Needless to say, your standard-size bed sheets will fit your bed effortlessly. The futon is just a different kind of mattress that you use for your bed. So, it is not a fact whether you are using a futon bed or an innerspring mattress. The futon size is always the same.

  • Do futon mattresses come in different sizes?

Answer: Yes. It does. The twin size, queen Futon, and king size are very common in futon beds. I have mentioned these things in detail in today’s article. You will love to know about the variety of futon mattress sizes. 

  • How long does the futon mattress last?

Answer: Durability mostly depends on how you are taking care of your things. If you regularly sleep on the best futon mattress, it can still last up to six to ten years effortlessly. You can use a futon cover for making it last longer. 

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