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What size a mattress for bunk beds?-Best Answer Here

Bunk beds are the best solution for kids and adults who want to save space. When you are going to purchase a mattress for your bunk bed, you may want the answer to the question, what size is a mattress for bunk beds?

When we imagine a mattress for a bunk bed, we mainly think of the twin bunk bed mattress. But bunk beds are in many sizes. When choosing a bunk mattress for this bed, you should consider some factors. However, most bunk beds come with twin, full-size, and twin XL. Your mattress might not be so thicker.

We are here with the necessary information that helps choose a mattress. So, stick to us.

Types of bunk beds mattresses

Generally, a bunk bed is for children. So, the mattress sizes are also smaller. However, most of the bunk beds are twin types. So, they need twin mattresses. Let’s see the types of twin mattresses.

Two twins

For a standard bunk bed, you need two twin mattresses for twin bed. Each of the mattresses is 30 x 75 inches in size.

Two twin XL

This mattress is more extended than twin mattresses. The width is the same as a twin mattress, but it is 5 inches taller than twins. So, the dimension is 38 inches x 80 inches. So, the length is similar to a king or queen-size bed.

For this reason, adults can also use this bed. This type of mattress is suitable for dorms, and smaller bedrooms.

Two full

This type of bed is not as popular as the above two. But now it is common for college students who are sharing their rooms. The measurement of this mattress is 53 inches x 75 inches. The length is the same as a twin, but the width is 15 inches more.

Twin one and full one

This type is also a common one for kids of different ages. Here, the upper bunk needs a twin mattress, and the lower one needs a full mattress. So, it gives more space for parents to spend several minutes with their kids for a bedtime story.

Queen bed mattress

This bed mattress is a comfortable place for two adults. The measurement is 60 inches x 80 inches. You can place this bunk bed mattress in the room of 10 x 10 feet floor space.

King mattress

King-size bunk bed mattresses are for more extensive and taller adults. It is suitable for two adults and one kid. Or your three toddlers can sleep there. It is 76 inches x 80 inches. The mattress is suitable for a room of 12 x 12 square feet.

How to choose the best size mattress for bunk beds?

When you purchase a bunk bed mattress, you should consider the safety matter and comfort first. However, other considerations are the below:

Low Profile 

You should check the thickness of the mattress. For the upper bunk, the thickness will be 6-7 inches. Low height ensures safety and increases headroom. Enough thickness is better for necessary support and comfortability.


A heavy mattress on the top of the bed can be risky for both of your children. So, check the maximum weight capacity for your particular bed and then find the lighter mattress.

Quiet Model

Sharing the bed is not so easy. If the person who sleeps at the top is a turner, a creaky mattress is risky for both. As a top mattress, try to take an all-foam one to minimize the risk and nighttime disturbance.

Types of mattress

Among the different types of mattresses in the market, you should choose one according to the bunk bed. The type must be comfortable, safe, and on budget.

Innerspring mattresses

An innerspring mattress is a good choice for those who want a standard one on a budget. This mattress is comfortable enough for night sweats or face overheating problems. The coil inside the innerspring mattresses ensures breathability.

But it is not for a light sleeper who does not like creaking, which is common with innerspring ones.


A hybrid mattress is the ideal one for light sleepers who are sensitive. This mattress type contains comfort layers that provide excellent support and response. But this mattress is higher in price.


You can take latex foam mattresses if you consider durability, responsiveness, and support. It does not provide you a sinking feeling, or indentation when you lie on it. For joint pain, this one is very supportive. Not only that, a latex mattress is free from a chemical that can cause allergen problems.

Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress for a bunk bed is also great for its contouring support. So, it is an ideal option for the smaller-framed sleeper. Besides, gel mattresses are suitable for those who have night sweats. This mattress is made of high-quality materials and is also very durable.

Temperature controlling capacity

During the warmer season, the top bunk is hotter. So, if you can face such a problem, you should find the best mattress for a bunk bed that comes with cooling technology. Besides, bunk beds are temporary in most cases. So, it is better to spend a little more on a durable and comfortable one.

Types of bunk frame

Like bunk bed mattresses, bunk frames are varied.


Standard frames are suitable for smaller beds such as twin mattresses. In the standard setup, one of the bunk beds is directly above the other.

Triple/Triple Loft

Triple bed frames are for a high-ceiling bedroom. This type has three beds stacked, one on top of two others. In some cases, the second one is attached horizontally at 90-degree. The triple lofts come with two top bunks angled 90-degree horizontally. And the bottom one is placed vertically.


L-shaped beds are connected like L or 90-degree. You will get storage space under the beds.


Now you quickly determine what size mattress for bunk beds. Learn the above issues properly to get your answer. Bunk beds are space-saving, affordable, and suitable for multiple people to sleep in. 

You can take it for adults as well as children. Bunk bed mattresses should be comfortable and durable.

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