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What Is a Euro Top Mattress?-Are Euro Top Mattresses Any good?

Choosing the best mattress for a sleeping bed is an essential thing to do. You might have noticed that people choose the euro top mattress as their sleeping support more often. When you go to a mattress shop or visit an online store of mattresses, you can see that its demand is noticeable.

Why is it so, and what is a euro top mattress actually? A euro top mattress refers to a bed with extra layers of padding and a soft pillow top you probably want to know. In the following discussion, you can get all your answers and much more relevant to this topic. So just keep reading to know.

What is a euro top Mattress?

The euro top Mattress is a type of Pillowtop mattress. The main feature of a euro top bed is an additional layer of a mattress covered by pillow toppers. The pillow top mattress is sewn at the edges, and it is seamless. 

Manufacturers use various materials as Pillowtop, such as Wool tops, Latex foam Pillow tops, or memory foam pillow tops. So, you can pick a euro-top mattress with your favorite material-based top. It can give you a comfortable sleep over the whole night. 

A euro-top bed is available in all kinds of mattress types. You can buy any kind of top mattresses such as Memory foam mattresses (Insert review link here), innerspring mattresses, latex foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, plush mattresses, and gel memory foam mattresses. 

Usually, to make the bed more firm, manufacturers prefer the innerspring mattresses or box spring beds due to their pocketed coils. If you are looking for a firm mattress; you can also get an innerspring euro top bed.

Moreover, you can get the euro top bed in different sizes like the standard mattresses such as queen bed, twin xl or California king bed, etc. 

The difference between a euro top mattress and regular mattresses is just that it has the additional layer and mattress top or cushioning. The bed frame remains the same. 

What are the key features of Euro Top Mattress? 

Well, you can expect a number of trademark features from euro-top mattresses. What are they? 

Here are some of the features of the euro top mattress that might help you to understand clearly. 

  • Attached with Pillow cushion Top
  • Seamless bed
  • Stitched by the edges
  • Extra padding
  • Tight top and comfort layer
  • Clean finishing at the top and side edges
  • Separate mattresses are sewn together

What are the Benefits of a Euro Top Mattress?

General beds don’t have extra cushioning and extra layers. So it has less softness than the euro top mattresses. However, the euro top mattress can give you a very good sleep. It has a good supporting system that is good for pressure relief. 

Besides, It works like a firm mattress with its perfect base. It doesn’t squeak when you move. So, you can have a night of uninterrupted sleep. 

It is also suitable for a side sleeper. However, the euro top bed is designed in such a way that its sleepers don’t need to worry about side sleeping. 

The beautiful look of a euro-top mattress is always palpable. In addition,  its durability makes it more demanding. Though the euro top bed is a little expensive, it values its worth. 

Is Eurotop the same as pillowtop?

The pillowtop mattresses have a cushioning top over the bed. As we know, the same features consist in the top mattress. In brief, the euro top mattress is just another version of the pillowtop mattress.  But, Eurotop is not exactly the same as the typical Pillow top mattresses(insert review link here). 

Usually, the pillow top mattresses don’t have stitches on the edges. It is sewn in a particular way from just slightly before the edges. As a result, the edges are not attached with a good finishing mode. You might feel that it is just a bed with separate layers of mattresses. 

Even though the euro top mattresses are one kind of pillow-top mattresses, The euro top is more supportive than the pillowtop. So if you can not sleep due to the squeaking sound when your sleeping partner moves or rolls down, go with the euro-top mattress without any hesitation. 

Can a euro-top mattress be flipped?

Whether you can flip the top mattress or not depends on its design. If the bed has two top sides with cushioning, you can flip it with one or two-person help. But, if the bed is on one side with a cushion top, you might not want to flip it anymore. 

Besides, you can see the user guidelines for the bed. It will help you to understand the types of your bed better. To flip the mattress, you need someone for assistance. Hold from the two sides of the mattress, and flip it gently. Then Position it according to your need. 

Final Verdict

Nowadays, Euro Top Mattress is getting more popular because it is comfortable and soft for its sleepers. Its extra layer brings an additional support system. You need not attach any extra mattress topper to get a soft bed. Its clean look and seamless bedding make it one of the most acceptable mattresses in the world. 

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Frequently Asked Question:

How long does the euro top mattress last?

Answer: Your euro top mattress has good durability. So, it lasts 10 to 12 years easily. If you use it in a good manner, clean regularly, and use a separate bed cover to keep it dust-free, the euro top mattresses can last even 15 years. 

Are euro-top mattresses good for side sleepers?

Answer: Yes. It is. Though it has an extra layer of beds, it doesn’t have to lift up sides or edges. Besides, it doesn’t move again and again. Hence, side sleepers can have a peaceful sleep. To enjoy a sound sleep, the euro top mattress is a better choice for any kind of sleeper. 

 How to choose a euro-top mattress for people with back pain?

Answer: When you are going to buy a euro top mattress, consider the mattress layer types and the pillow top types. Choose the bed as per the doctor’s suggestion. Besides, you can choose the good quality by reading the Mattress buying guide, product reviews or product information, related products, and Mattress reviews.

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