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Linenspa 6 inch innerspring mattress Reviews – An Expert Buying Guide

If you are searching for a top-selling mattress on Amazon at an affordable price, Linenspa 6-inch innerspring mattress is the better choice. It is a pure mattress for those searching for an innerspring one.

The mattress is a good one, but it is only 6-inch high. So, you may not find the best one for everyday use. But, of course, you will not be disappointed with its quality.

So, if you need a mattress for a daybed or bunk bed, this model of LinenSpa is the best one for you.

Linenspa 6-inch Innerspring Mattress Review

Are you searching for an innerspring hybrid mattress at an affordable price? Then, Linenspa 6-inch Innerspring Mattress can be the best choice. You can expect the necessary comfort from this mattress. 

When you go to the market for a coil mattress, you will find many options. From them, it can be difficult for you to find the right durable, comfortable, and reasonable one. But if you are familiar with different mattress brands, you may hear about this brand.

They mainly bring internal coil or innerspring mattresses. This 6-inch mattress of this famous brand is so popular because of its quality and lower price. 

The mattress is so durable because of the tempered steel coil. In addition, the one-inch foam cushioning ensures comfort. 

Let’s see the main features and benefits of the LinenSpa 6-inch mattress:

  • Steel-made coils make the product extremely durable.
  • Not too soft and not too firm. So, it is suitable for your body.
  • You can use this mattress for your guest room or kid’s room.
  • If you are a person who loves to keep yourself in one position at night, this one is for you for consistent support.
  • You can use the product on platform beds, trundle beds, box springs, metal grid beds, and slatted frames.
  • The installation process of this mattress is also straightforward. Just open the product from the packaging and left it alone for 2-3 days for decompression.

Why are Linenspa 6 inches good?

Different sizes of LinenSpa 6-inch innerspring mattresses are available such as LinenSpa 6-inch innerspring mattress – queen, LinenSpa 6-inch innerspring mattress- Full XL, etc. Now see why people like the mattress or why you should purchase it.

linenspa 6 inch innerspring mattress


The spring layer is the central part of this mattress. The coils are made of heavy-duty steel. So, it is not only durable but also very much supportive to your body. This layer is under a foam layer and a fabric cover. So, it keeps the mattress comfortable for you with a bouncy feel.


We already know that this mattress uses heavy gauge steel coils as springs. In the upper part, a polyester and rayon-made foam layer are available. Besides, there is a cover of polyester fabrics. So, the mattress is ready to tolerate different weights throughout its lifespan.

Besides, it is fire resistant. But the thickness is not so wide. So, it is better for a guest room or kid’s bed.


Though you may have an idea about the comfort level from the thickness, the feeling is not identical for all people. It will not be so firm that it brings the feel of a luxury bed and does not give you a sinking sensation. 

The surface is flat and comfortable because of the inner foam layer. Comfort foam is used to ensure better sleep. But the mattress is supportive enough and suitable for stomach sleepers.  


The mattress is a good choice for better sleep if you consider the price. If you have a tight budget but want a bouncy and durable mattress, you can try it. However, the price depends on the size of the bed.

My recommendation for this mattress is that you can try it for your kid’s bed or the bed of your guest bed. You can also use it regularly but may not find much comfort in regular use.

What are the advantages?
  • Durable one
  • A reasonable option among many others
  • Properly adjustable to different bed frames
  • Good for kids
  • Easy to install
Things we didn’t like
  • Not suitable for an extreme heavyweight.
  • Not so comfortable as a luxury bed

Buying guide: LinenSpa 6-inch innerspring mattress

LinenSpa 6-inch innerspring mattress is a quality mattress. But before purchasing the product, you should consider several things.

First, determine why you are going to purchase the mattress. What purpose do you need? It is important because this product is not comfortable or suitable for all types of beds and everyday use for a couple of beds.

But if you need an innerspring mattress for your kid’s bed or the bed of your guest room, then this one is the best.

Select which size of mattress you need. It is available in different sizes. The price mainly depends on the size. 

LinenSpa 6-inch innerspring mattress VS memory foam mattress

An innerspring mattress is such a mattress type that provides you an incredible feeling like a baby sleeping on the bed. The springs bring a bouncy feeling and provide excellent support. In addition, this type of mattress is comfortable and provides a plush feel.

On the other hand, a memory foam mattress contains some foam layers. It is comfortable but will give a sinking feeling. However, this mattress bounces back slowly and remembers the body shape. For this reason, it is called memory foam.

Besides, the Linenspa innerspring mattress will not heat as much as a memory foam mattress.  

So, now the choice is yours. If you love the traditional feeling of sleeping, LinenSpa 6-inch innerspring mattress is good for you. But if you love more comfort, you can try a memory foam mattress.


Is Linenspa a safe mattress?

Ans: Yes, Linenspa Mattress is safe for you. It is fire-resistant and provides enough comfort.

Is a 6-inch memory foam mattress good?

 Ans: 6-inch memory foam mattress is not as comfortable as other thicker memory foam mattresses. But it is easy to handle because of its weight. But after a long time of use, you may feel the metal frame under your body if you are the user of a 6-inch memory foam mattress.

What is the best innerspring mattress on the market?

Ans: There are many options in the market. But if you are searching for one that is highly durable and reasonable at a price, the LinenSpa 6-inch mattress will be a better option for you.

Why are innerspring mattresses the best?

Ans: Innerspring mattresses are durable, bouncy, and provide the necessary support. Besides, this type of mattress is comfortable and does not bring a sinking feeling. For this reason, you can try the innerspring one.


Linenspa 6-inch innerspring mattress is a top-selling mattress on Amazon. So, of course, it comes with many features that attract customers. Therefore, there is no more reasonable choice for innerspring mattress lovers than this mattress of Linenspa.

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