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How To Spot a Fake Memory Foam Mattress 2023 ?

The popularity of memory foam is on the rise. The popularity of these products has led to a flood of new products trying to make a quick buck. A memory foam mattress should be spotted as a fake if you want to buy one. 

Many fake products come from countries like China. Knowing what to look for is very important. The outside of memory foam mattresses is made from memory foam, while the inside is made from a variety of foams. 

The things you should pay attention to while buying a memory foam mattress are its thickness, The Tags, and its weight. With this blog, you’ll learn more about how to spot a fake memory foam mattress.

What Is Actually A Mattress Scam?

People search for a mattress and look for a good quality mattress but they don’t realize that they can get scammed to buy a mattress, like they get dumped. Scammers clean old mattresses and clean them well for selling them. In Fact sometimes people use false and useless material in mattresses.

Scammers often steal mattresses with no memory foam from skips like the one described above. Then they will put a new casing and maybe a very thin, memory foam topper to it. They’ll present this as brand-new. 

There are people who sell these mattresses for sale online at a very low price, including scammers from skips. In this article you can learn how to spot a fake memory foam mattress step by step Guide.

How To Spot a Fake Memory Foam Mattress Step By Step Guide 

Step 1: Check By Shape

Your mattress is in horrible shape if it is puffy and ripped up. It is challenging to label anything as ancient if it is in good condition. Tens of thousands of people are misled each month into purchasing counterfeit memory foam mattresses. In order to prevent purchasing a dud or an outdated memory foam mattress, read this article.

Step 2: Check By Size

There are many types and sizes of mattress-related scams. I have known it for people to retrieve ruined mattresses from dumpsters, maintain them spotless, and then sell them again as brand-new. This is not only quite unpleasant but also very unhygienic.

Other times, individuals make mattresses out of bogus materials, calling them “memory foam” when they aren’t.

Step 3: Check Memory storage

They made The entire mattress of foam, including memory foam on the exterior and other types of foam inside. But these mattresses still have a strong memory foam component. They will also seem and feel the same if they are new.

Step 4: Check Safety precautions 

They can be dangerous to your health besides not offering the same comfort as a memory foam mattress. There is no assurance that any fire safety measures have been taken.

Step 5: Confirm Mattress old or New?

A mattress’ vapors may cause nausea or migraines depending on the alchemical used in its manufacturing. Poor materials can make germ fungus and other biological wastes dangerous.

 Let’s examine How To Spot a Fake Memory Foam Mattress in order to determine its authenticity. 

Weight The Tags 

Never overlook checking the labeling before acquiring something. With a caution not to remove the tag and a description of the materials of the mattress, they will be sewn into the seams. In addition, they could provide details about the vendor, brand, and place of origin.

They can produce fake tags fairly easily, but sometimes con artists are not meticulous, so the tag looks bad.

Mattresses for dual and beyond should weigh between 50 and 150 pounds, on the report of the specialist. It varies on the materials and foam thickness, however if your mattress is really light, it may not be the substance it claims to be. 

Calculate your mattress size in cubic feet if you want to be clever. Many manufacturers recommend that memory foam weigh at least three pounds per cubic foot. It might be alarming if it is lighter.

Features Of Memory Foam 

High-density material, which is medically formulated to distribute weight and relieve pressure. Commonly used as the base layer in memory foam mattresses.

Memory foam can be shaped to fit the body of the sleeper. In contrast to other foam mattresses, it adjusts properly to your body. It provides excellent support for the rib cage, shoulder, neck, and spine.

Ask Insightful Questions To Buy Risk Free Mattress

Request that the vendor disclose the mattress’s structure.

Check The Information Provided By The Seller

Using Google, Bing, or Yahoo Search, look for the manufacturer and model. Check the contact details once more. Make a test call if you feel obliged.

Do not be afraid to double-check this information in the seller’s presence. You’re simply looking out for yourself.

If the vendor and the product are genuine, the seller has no cause to complain to these acts. What counts to them is closing deals. Product information should be available, and it should correspond to what you see.

Check The seller’s Information Twice

Mattresses should never be purchased from door-to-door sellers. Most of these mattresses are pre-owned or counterfeit. Make sure you search for the manufacturer and model on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Please confirm the contact information again. Make a phone call if you feel compelled to do so.

Do not be embarrassed to double-check this information in front of the seller. Details on the product should be provided, and it should reflect what you look for.

Get Guarantee 

The most reputable mattress vendors often provide a one-year money-back guarantee. Because just a few businesses do this, search for ones that provide at least a 90-day trial period. This is because you won’t know if it works unless you test it in your own house.

People typically need months to adjust to new mattresses, so a month-long money-back promise is insufficient. It’s also critical to avoid firms who just provide comfort returns or store credit. It’s a classic trap to ensure that regardless of whatever choice you select, you’ll end up buying from the same firm.

You should ask directly about your shop’s refund policy. Understanding the true meaning of these phrases is critical because words can be baffling. It’s critical to understand that a comfort guarantee is not the same as a money-back guarantee.

Another tendency is that conventional retailers are less likely to offer a genuine money-back promise. It is also critical to determine whether the sellers honor their money-back guarantees.

How To Spot a Fake Memory Foam Mattress(Faq’s)

How can you know whether it’s memory foam?

It can be used as a mattress pad. It seems to be the layer that the mattress is made of. Different layers are usually connected and stuck together to make a mattress. They are usually hidden because the whole thing is covered with fabric. Save it

The construction of this pad resembles one of these levels. Most mattress pads I’ve seen resembled blankets. However, they typically include some strings or other features that allow them to be attached to the mattress. It shouldn’t be an issue to use this as a pad as long as it’s comfy.

How can I tell whether my mattress is authentic?

Examine the tags on the mattress. They should be sewed into the seams with instructions not to remove the tag and a description of the mattress’s materials. They may also reveal the country of origin, brand and vendor, and other information. 

What kind of mattress do most hotels use?

Most hotels choose traditional brands like Sealy, Serta-Simmons, and Beautyrest. Generally, hotel beds are medium-firm hybrid or innerspring mattresses.

Why are hotel beds so comfortable?

Hotel mattresses are extremely comfy because of the usage of mattress toppers. These can substantially alter mattress firmness and sleep quality. A mattress topper is just an extra layer of padding that lies on top of your current mattress to provide additional support and comfort.

Is memory foam pleasant or stiff?

 Bed-in-a-box mattresses that incorporate Adaptive Foam or AirFoam alternatives are also quite soft. A memory foam mattress’ texture and excellent pressure relief make it softer than a regular mattress.


We hope you enjoyed our blog about how to spot fake memory foam mattresses. It’s always good to be on the lookout for a good deal, but we know how hard it can be to know what’s a good deal and what’s not! 

It’s always best to be cautious and do some research before you buy any large purchases so you don’t end up wasting your money. If you have any questions on how to spot a fake memory foam mattress, feel free to ask us by visiting ___. Thank you for reading, we hope our blog post was helpful!

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