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How to Prevent Bed Bugs Bites While Sleeping?-Solution to bed bugs

Wondering how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping?

Bed bug bites may be the worst nightmare that ruins your sound sleep at night. They are blood-sucking insects. It usually becomes a distressing nuisance during sleeping time. Because it’s a nocturnal insect. 

Whatever, if you find red spots on your skin and they are itchy, you should inspect for bed bugs. Bed bugs bite us while you are resting or sleeping. Their bites itches. But if anyone has an allergy, these bites can be so serious. 

So, How to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping? Here, we are going to discuss the signs of bed bugs and how to prevent bed bug bites while sleeping. You’ll also learn what keeps bedbugs from biting you at night.

What are the signs of having Bed Bugs?

If you suspect that you’ve bed bugs in your bedroom, you can search for these signs mentioned below-

  • Bloodstains are a very common sign of bed bugs’ existence. 
  • Fecal spots, eggshells and shed skin of bed bugs under the mattress, bedclothes, and beddings.
  • The offensive odor of bed bugs’ fecal spots and bloodstains.
  • The exoskeleton of bed bugs.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs from your comfy bed? 

Bed bugs hide closer to the sleeping place. So, beds, mattresses, sofas, and other resting places are the most potential place they are hiding. 

If you keep your bedroom and restroom clean and hygienic, you have a great chance to avoid bed bug bites at night. Moreover, cleaning tips may help you to prevent bed bugs.

  1. Wash your all bedding and clothes at a High temperature

Dirty bed sheets and other bedding attract bed bugs more than anything else. These are heaven for their living and breeding. So wash your bed sheets, blankets, bedspreads, pillowcase, and other bedding in high temperatures regularly. 

Bed bugs travel through your clothes, luggage, and other items after a tour. So you need to wash your clothes and luggage in high temperatures after completing a tour.

Do you know what causes bed bugs to die? High temperatures will kill them and their nymphs. A regular wash will reduce their reproduction also. 

  1. Net and clean Bedroom

Beware that your bedroom is not attractive to bed bugs. Mostly, we keep our bed and bedroom undecorated and messy. Dirt and grimes are preferred places for their living and breeding. So keep your red decorated and clean all the time to avoid bed bugs.

Storing stuff under the bed may be the maximum use of your bedroom. These things are very easy to overlook in the cleaning process. But bed bugs get more places to hide under your bed. 

Regular vacuuming the mattress and bed box is the best way to keep your bedroom clean. It will also eliminate adult bed bugs on the surface. Remember, bed bugs and their eggs can survive in vacuum cleaners. So you need to clean the vacuum cleaner after vacuuming the mattress.

  1. Get pest control professionals

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to remove bed bugs. Because they are small but have a hard life. They hide in hard-to-reach places. Moreover, their eggs and nymphs survive in extreme difficulties. 

So if all your homegrown methods fail to control bed bugs then get professional help from the pest control service. They have experience in eradicating any kind of pest effectively in a very short time.

How to Keep Bed Bugs From Biting You at Night?

Do bed bugs bite every night? Yes, these insects grow in large numbers and they are always hungry. If you’ve bed bugs in your bedroom, you still hope to find a way to prevent them from biting you at night. 

So How to protect yourself from bed bugs at night? There are some lotions and oils that keep bedbugs away from your prone body parts. You can use one of them to work instantly at night.

  • Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub has a pungent smell and menthol that repulse insects like bed bugs, mosquitoes, flies, etc. Use a decent amount of it in your prone parts of the body like the neck, shoulders, back, knees, and elbows to get an effective result.

  • Essential Oils

Essential oil is sticky, insecticidal, and has a strong smell. Insects don’t like its smell. So it can be a good idea to use essential oil to repel bed bugs. Moreover, it’s very useful for the skin. Eucalyptus essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, and Lavender essential oil work best for bug repellent. 

There are two methods you can follow to use it. First, apply direct oil to your skin. It will work most effectively. Second, mix some coconut oil with it and use it on your skin. Both of these methods will help you to repel bug bites.

  • White Vinegar 

 Using White vinegar is a cheap but effective way to repel bed bugs. Bed bugs don’t like acidic properties and pungent spells. So white vinegar can help you prevent biting at night.

  • Wear Bug Repellents for Skin

 You can use bug repellents before sleeping. Forearms, knees, elbows, neck, and feet are very common places to bite. Use bug repellent spray on these body parts to repel bed bug bites.  

  • Coconut oil

The U.S. Department of Agriculture claims coconut oil is stronger than DEET to repellent bugs. It has fatty acids that repel flies, mosquitoes, and bugs. Coconut oil is sticky. Its spell repels unwanted insects. 

Many of you’ve question: do bed bugs bite through clothes? No, they are most likely to suck blood from bare parts of your body. So you can avoid bites by wearing soft clothes while sleeping. 

Final words

Cleanliness is the first solution for bed bugs. Net and clean bedroom reduces the large number of adult bed bugs. Moreover, some lotions and oils repel bed bugs that bite you at night. Keep in mind that bed bugs bite on bare body parts. Though you use oil and lotions on bare body parts, you had better cover them to prevent bed bug bites.

There are some risk-free pesticides that kill bed bugs instantly.  But you should not use them by yourself. If bed bugs go out of your control, you need to get professionals. 

Hope you get your bedroom free from these blood-sucking bugs by following the ideas mentioned above.

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