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How much does a queen mattress weigh?-Explore here

Do you want to how much a queen mattress weighs? For sound sleep, your mattress matters a lot. Your sound sleep is important for your healthy life. Many people prefer buying the Queen mattress for themselves since it is a really perfect size for a single sleeper and also suitable for two sleepers. 

Heavier sleepers prefer a big fig mattress, whereas others prefer the king mattress or a queen mattress.

If you are about to buy a queen mattress, then it might be a concern for you –  how much does a queen mattress weigh? Well, it depends on the mattress type. Usually, an average queen mattress weighs nearly 120 to 160 pounds.

Let’s take a tour at the detailed explanation on this topic.

How much does a queen mattress weigh?

We all know that queen mattress type and mattress thickness matter a lot when it comes to mattress weight. So, before you configure the mattress weight, you must consider the factors as well. 

Basically, the measurement of the queen size is usually  60 to 80 inches, and the weight of the mattress remains around 140 pounds. But definitely, a memory foam mattress won’t weigh the same as an air mattress.

I have mentioned the Queen size Mattress types size and their weight in the following:

  • Hybrid mattresses Weight – around 100+ pounds
  • Innerspring mattresses weight – approximately 70 pounds
  • Latex Mattress weight – about – 140 pounds
  • Memory Foam mattresses weight – around – 75 to 90 pounds
  • Ghostbed flex Mattress weight – approximately 89 pounds
  • Queen-size Airbed weight – 13 kg

Queen-size Hybrid Mattress Weight

Hybrid mattresses are made with Memory foam and innerspring coils. Therefore, you get the most comfortable sleep here. But this mattress is one of the heaviest mattresses. If you buy a queen-size hybrid mattress, the weight can be around 100+ Pounds. As you can see in the list, there are no other mattresses that are as heavy as this one. 

Queen-size Innerspring mattress weight

Do you like the bouncy mattress? Then you might feel interested in knowing more about the innerspring mattress. Innerspring mattresses have an adjustable base of steel coils. Moreover, it has a foam mattress topper or fiberfill topper. Therefore, this innerspring bed is naturally less weight. If the coil count gets increases, the mattress can gain more weight. 

If I talk about the queen mattress, it will weigh on average 70 pounds. It means it is heavier than memory foam mattresses but less heavy than the latex mattress or the hybrid mattress.

Queen-size Latex mattress weight

The Queen size Natural Latex mattress generally weighs about 140 lbs. It brings you a comfortable sleep with its maiden type. It is comparatively heavier because of its high density. The larger the size, the heavier it is. Besides, It is highly durable.

Queen-size Memory foam mattress weight

Are you looking for a queen mattress for your box spring bed? Here is one of the most suitable mattresses for your bed. A queen-size memory foam mattress weighs about 75 to 90 lbs with a very comfortable layer. It is also a good choice as the dust mites-resistant mattress. Besides, it is easier to move or carry. 

Queen Sizeghostbed flex mattress weight

It becomes one of the great mattresses available on the market with the perfect base of foam and spring layer. A queen-size ghostbed just weighs around 85 to 90. You can get a comfortable bed without much hassle.  

Queen-size Airbed weight

Needless to say, the most lightweight bed is the airbed. It is just filled with air. So, you can carry it wherever you want. Some of the airbeds are even portable. 

There is not much difference between a queen-size airbed and twin xl mattresses. It weighs nearly the same. It is 12 to 13 pounds on average. Obviously the lightest weighted mattress in the industry.

How much weight can a queen mattress hold?

Most people are choosing the queen mattress as their ideal mattress size. Because a queen-size mattress can hold around 250 to 300  pounds easily. It is just the perfect choice for a heavy person to get a night of good sleep. Even an airbed of a queen size can hold up to 200 pounds easily. 

This is why people choose queen mattresses over other-sized beds. It is easy to fit in your room and provides you with the best service with its best holding capacity. 

Final Verdict  

So, it is time to choose the bed considering all relevant facts, including the weight. I hope after reading this article, you will be able to assume the most precise weight of a queen-size mattress. 

So, go for your choice that meets your desire the most. Adios, buddy!!

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • What are the best mattresses available in the market?

Answer: If you are trying to look for the best mattresses available in the market, then Brooklyn bedding mattress, California King mattress, Helix Midnight, or WinkBed might be a good choice. After reviewing the ins and outs, you can pick as per your need. 

  • Is a mattress topper good necessary?

Answer: It is not mandatory to use a mattress topper over the bed. But, to make your bed more comfortable and durable, experts recommend buying a mattress topper. It helps you to get a good sleep at the end of the day. Even some toppers can help you to regulate your body temperature. 

  • Why is my mattress so heavy?

Answer: You will be surprised to know that a mattress gains weight due to numerous reasons. With the flow of time, it keeps absorbing the dust oil, moisture, dead cells, and mite dust. So, an old mattress of the same type, size, and thickness is much heavier than a new one. 

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