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How Long Can you Keep a Memory Foam in the Box 2023 ?

Are you too wondering at How Long Can You Keep a Memory Foam in the Box? Then  you are in the right place. We will give you all the guidelines on what is the ideal time to unbox the memory foam.

You should not keep the memory foam in the box for more than 2 months. Keeping it in the box for a longer duration can reshape the foam. Folding the foam for too long breaks the cells of the foam and makes it lose its elasticity and firmness. The foam becomes uncomfortable to use.

Another common mistake people make is that they start using the foam immediately after unboxing it. The foam does not find enough time to restore its original shape.

No matter what the brand is, keeping the memory foam in the box for a longer period will damage the foam. And using it without letting it expand fully will shorten its life. In this article we discuss the memory foam mattress  boxing and unboxing  issues. So let’s get started ! 

What is Mattress in a Box?

There is no difference between a mattress in a box and a regular mattress. There is only one difference: it’s compressed in an air-tight bag before shipping. 

Afterwards, it is placed into a box approximately the size of a mini-fridge for shipping. It is much easier to maneuver this tidy box than a traditional mattress as soon as it arrives.

Best Time To Unbox The Memory Foam

Memory foam is a product that needs to be taken out of the box and used as soon as possible. Different brands can recommend different time periods for their unboxing. 

It usually can maintain its shape and structure for 2 weeks to 2 months. Their manufacturers recommend unboxing them within 2 to 3 days after their buy. It can give you many benefits. 

When you unbox it within a few days, you can have the option to return the foam in case it has any defect. Even if you do not find it comfortable, then you can replace it with the new one without wasting time.

You can also see the information on the product label on how soon you can unbox that particular foam.

Can You Use The Memory Foam Immediately After Unboxing?

Using the memory foam immediately after its unboxing is not recommended. Since it was in the box for days, it will not be in its original expanded and thick form.

Memory foam needs to be given time to expand and decompress properly before it can be used. This usually takes at least 24 hours.

If you use the memory foam immediately after unboxing, there is a possibility of its shorter life span. Give the foam enough time to regain its original thickness and volume properly before using it. Memory foam should not be used if it is exposed to moisture or heat.

You can also store the memory foam in a dry place instead of in the box. This will prevent any moisture from getting trapped inside the box and damaging your new buy.

It is important to remember that memory foam is sensitive. It needs time to adjust properly to your body temperature and shape. Make sure you do not use it straight away after getting it out of the box. It can lose its elasticity and its upper layer will become unresponsive if used immediately after unboxing.

What Happens If You Keep Memory Foam In The Box for Too Long?

Some people think that it is a good idea to keep the mattress in the box when they are not using it. But this mentality can be risky.

If the memory foam is thick, then keeping it compressed in the box for too long is not recommended. But some thin foams for lightweight people can be kept in the box for a relatively longer duration. Keeping the memory foam in the box for a longer period can cause unwanted results. 

Damage To The Foam

There is a possibility that the mattress will become infested with bed bugs if it stays in the box for too long. When the mattress is compressed and folded for a longer period, its cells can start breaking down rapidly.

It Will Not Expand Properly

When the foam is compressed for too long, it will start to lose its shape and firmness. When decompressed, it will expand, but it will not be unable to keep its original thickness and shape.

Decreases Durability

When the foam is kept in the box for a longer time, it loses its shape and its cells break down due to folding it for too long. As a consequence, it will lose its durability due to damaged cells and shape.

Uncomfortable to Use

Since the foam has lost its firmness, it will be uncomfortable to sleep on it. It will be unable to adjust properly with your body shape and temperature and make it uncomfortable to sleep on it.

Health Issues

Keeping a memory foam mattress in the box for a long time can lead to serious health problems. It can cause back pain, respiratory issues, and even heart problems. It will be due to the inelasticity of the foam. You will have poor sleeping postures eventually leading to neck and back pain.

Invalid Warranty

Every brand gives a warranty of 5 to 20 years for the foam. Some foams even come with a lifetime warranty. But this warranty is only valid if the foam has any manufacturing or material defect.

If the foam gets damaged due to keeping it in the box for too long, then you will lose this warranty. 

The manufacturer will not be responsible for any damage or inconvenience if you keep the foam in the box for too long.

How Long Can you Keep a Memory Foam in the Box(FAQs)

How Is Memory Foam Best For Good Sleep?

The upper layer of the memory foam is responsive to body heat and temperature. It molds with the shape of your body. It will improve your sleeping postures by adjusting to your body shape. Thus, it prevents neck and body pain and gives good and sound sleep.

Can a Memory Foam Mattress Have Bed Bugs?

If the foam is kept in the box for a longer period, it can lead to bad consequences like bed bugs. These bed bugs will damage the foam internally, making it hollow. It will eventually make your foam uncomfortable.

Can You Sleep On The Memory Foam Within 24 Hours After Unboxing?

Sleeping on the foam within 24 of unboxing is not strictly prohibited. Yet, it is recommended to give it maximum time to restore its original shape and volume. 

Using it before it is fully expanded can make it inelastic and it may not keep its full volume. Thus you will be shortening its life span.

How Long Does The Memory Foam Take to Fully Expand?

After its unboxing, the memory foam may take 12 to 24 hours to regain its original size. But if it was kept in the box for too long, give it maximum time to expand and restore its shape properly. Try not to use it for at least 24 hours. Using it immediately can shorten its life.


Finally, we found out How Long Can You Keep a Memory Foam in the Box? It is known for its firmness and comfort. Some people buy it before moving and keep it in the box for a long time. They are mistaken here.

Try to contact the manufacturer to ask for its unboxing. Learn about the unboxing of memory foam from its label. The foam loses its shape and elasticity when unboxed too soon. Over time, it becomes damaged and uncomfortable to use. It can cause health issues. Late unboxing also invalidates the warranty.

Many people unbox it timely, but use it right away without letting it expand. This only shortens its life. Give it enough time to return to its original shape and thickness after unboxing. So we recommend not keeping the memory foam in the box for more than 2 months. Give it maximum time to restore its full volume before using it.

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