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Can You Put Foam Mattress on Box Spring 2022 ?

Today we will discuss Can you put a box spring on a foam mattress? You may be wondering, can you put a foam mattress on a box spring? There are many answers to this question, but there is no quick answer.


A conventional box spring should not be used with a memory foam mattress. If you want to place your memory foam mattress on a platform, you should use a firm, solid base or a platform bed. 


Solid mattress foundations are ideal for memory foam mattresses because they are firm throughout their top. However, in this blog post, we’ll answer the question of if you can put a foam mattress on a box spring.


What is Box Spring

Box spring is a term used to refer to the mattress, which is a platform upon which the mattress is placed. Platforms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are made from a number of different materials. 


Plywood is the most commonly used material for making box springs. These are the same materials used to make furniture, and they are also used in the construction of other types of items.


Benefits of Box Spring:

  1. It works well with conventional double-sided innerspring mattresses.
  2. Provides excellent hygiene, is dust and mite resistant, and is easy to enter and exit from the bed.
  3. It Permits moisture and heat to escape from underneath the mattress.
  4. Also suitable for other bed frames that lack enough slats to accommodate innerspring mattresses.
  5. Comparatively less expensive than other types of bed bases.


Drawbacks To a Box Spring:

  1. The internal springs are vulnerable to breaking, which could harm the mattress.
  2. Only appropriate for specifically constrained setups, such as an innerspring mattress.
  3. Contrary to more modern bed base designs with storage areas, a box spring takes up space that cannot be used.


Which Bed Frames Need a Box Spring?

A box spring is a frame or platform that is used to support the mattress of a bed. It is usually placed under the mattress and on top of the slats of a bed’s frame. 


Wooden box springs and metal box springs are available. If you have a wood box spring you will need to purchase a box spring for your mattress, whereas if you have a metal box spring you can use any mattress with a metal frame. 


The main difference between the two types of box springs is that a metal box spring does not require a foundation for it to be installed, but a wood one does.


Which Bed Frames Don’t Need a Box Spring?

When buying a new bed frame, it is important to be aware of the type of bed frame you are buying. There are many different types of bed frames that don’t require a box spring, which means that you can buy a bed frame without spending a lot of money. 


A few examples of these types of bed frames are a platform bed, slatted base, and even a twin-sized platform bed. Platform beds are the most common type of bed frame that doesn’t need a box spring.


What is the Difference Between a Box Spring and a Mattress Foundation?

A box spring is a type of mattress foundation that is made of two pieces of wood or metal joined by a metal strip. A box spring usually has a wooden frame and mattress support. The mattress is attached to the box spring by way of a metal rod. 


Box springs are usually used in beds with box springs, which are designed to prevent the mattress from moving. Mattress foundations are made of wood and are not attached to the frame of the bed, but rather rest on the frame itself. The mattress is attached to the foundation with rods, which can be either metal or plastic.

Benefits of Using a Mattress Foundation:

Mattresses with hybrid or memory foam construction can be handled more powerfully than a box spring.

  1. A compact design that doesn’t add extra bulk complements minimalist décor beautifully.
  2. Due to its flat surface, it disperses weight more evenly.
  3. It is appropriate for a wide range of mattresses.
  4. Most reasonably priced bed bases out there.

The Drawbacks Of a Mattress Foundation:

  • Unsuitable for innerspring mattresses since it has no flex.
  • Any structural support member that breaks may require complete replacement.


What Distinguishes a Mattress Foundation From a Box Spring?

The name contains the hint. As with most mattress support systems, a box spring consists of heavy-duty metal springs attached to a wooden frame. Any underlying structure that supports the weight of an additional object placed on it is a foundation.


On the other hand, a mattress foundation designates one of the five different bed bases combined with a box spring.


The support for the mattress is given by both a box spring and a mattress base. The distinction is in how precisely they offer that support. When the sleeper moves, a box spring absorbs the motions made by the mattress and mattress foundation.


The mattress compresses as the sleeper lies on the bed, and the box spring beneath it accomplishes the same thing but somewhat. Contrary to a box spring, a mattress foundation is devoid of springs. Modern mattresses are designed to respond to the body’s weight and motion rather than the foundation.


Are Box Springs Necessary for Memory Foam Mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses differ from traditional mattresses in their substance. It promotes more profound slumber and provides us with a cradling sensation. A memory foam mattress is designed primarily for persons who require therapy for chronic illnesses. These mattresses maintain the ideal body temperature for restful sleep.


Everyone uses a box to support and raise the bed’s height for most mattresses. But memory foam mattresses differ significantly from ordinary beds in several ways. Since these mattresses are hefty, they require a sturdy foundation to support their weight and cushion any shocks. Furthermore, memory foam mattresses require sturdy box springs.


Otherwise, the mattress finds it harder to breathe and starts to droop. Although a sturdy base for your large, recent memory foam mattresses is available, most people opt for a box spring. Individuals may prefer box springs to foundations because they are more accustomed to them. 


Is a Memory Foam Mattress Required To Have a Box Spring?

A traditional box spring should never be used with a memory foam mattress. If you want to put your memory foam mattress on a platform, you should utilize a platform bed or a firm, sturdy foundation.


Memory foam mattresses are perfect for sturdy mattress foundations since they are solid across their tops. They raise your bed off the ground without adding any hazardous elasticity that traditional box springs deliver.


In addition to the bed frame, platform beds also have slats along the edges that run the length of the bed. Memory foam mattresses require solid support, which these mattresses provide.


A Memory Foam Mattress Needs What Kind of Box Spring?

Never believe anyone telling you your memory foam mattress requires a traditional box spring. Replace your current box spring with a suitable replacement if you already have one and are switching to a memory foam mattress.


Consider one of these options instead of setting your memory foam mattress on a box spring. Place your memory foam mattress on a solid, non-sprinkle foundation. Set up a platform bed with adequate support and a memory foam mattress on top of it. Place your memory foam mattress on the ground, but use good hygiene techniques to clean your sleeping area.


Can You Put Foam Mattress on Box Spring (FAQ)

01. What goes underneath a foam mattress?

Utilizing a slatted or solid mattress foundation with memory foam is recommended. If you choose a slatted foundation, the slats shouldn’t be spaced apart by more than 2.75 inches. To build a more secure surface for your memory foam mattress, you will need to purchase more slats or a bunkie board if they are too far apart.


02. Why are box springs not required for foam mattresses?

A box spring has some give, but too much give can cause drooping and lousy sleep on a foam mattress. A box spring that sags only by 1” when loaded is suitable, but you should consider choosing a foundation that is sturdy and supportive.


03. How durable are box springs?

A box spring typically lasts ten years before needing to be changed. You should also consider getting a new box spring if you get a new mattress. Other supports that can be placed beneath a mattress include foundations and platform beds.



Finally, we learned Can You Put Foam Mattress on Box Spring? You enjoyed this blog post on a commonly asked question. This article is written for those who are considering buying a foam mattress and need to know if it is possible to put a foam mattress on a box spring. 


We Here is an answer to your question that will help you make an informed decision for your bed and yourself.

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